Not a winner!

I didn’t win the NAGBW award for best beer blog awarded at this year’s GABF. On the other hand, I didn’t even know such an award exists.  This fact – not winning – vs. this other fact – not knowing there was such an award – leaves me in a unique state of being just beyond  the expression “what the hell” and the other expression “there’s an award for that?” Of course, in my academic life, I have received only one writing award, for a co-edited book I did on writing and mark up language.

And no offense to the best blog winners, but even with over 100 beer blog feeds on my RSS reader, I don’t know these blogs. I’ve tried to keep up with as much beer writing as there is online because

A. I like beer writing and

B. I am writing about this aggregated writing in my book

I’m glad, then, to be shown blogs I was not yet aware of even if it is at the expense of my not winning the NAGBW award. My campus office is a bit of a mess and an award would give me a reason to clear off the toys on my book shelf and randomly shelved books.

Not that an NAGBW award would do much in my department at the University of Kentucky. They’d probably say: the NAG what? in response. But they might say that about other things, as well, since academics are more interested in the pretense that one is saving the world rather than writing about items that are consumed.

I’ve offered plenty of meta commentary here regarding whether or not I am a beer blogger. To help assist my effort to prove that I am a beer writer, I plan on attending the next beer blogger conference. The last one was in Boston. I have no clue where the next one will be. But as a beer writer, I should probably make every effort to participate. And then I will blog that experience.

I am still building the website for my upcoming symposium at UK which all of you are invited to participate in. I think some of my academic colleagues at UK are saying, craft what? in response.Writing, though, is an essential part of the craft beer movement. Craft has professional beer writers, and craft has brewers who write. I want to showcase that work.

Craft Writing: Beer, The Digital and Craft Culture now has a logo. A logo is essential to an event. It helps with making t-shirts.

I have one question for the winners of the beer writing award at GABF: do you have a t-shirt? This blog, of course, does not have a t-shirt. That point, too, may be why I didn’t win. Also, not many people read this blog. That, too, might not help with winning.

I did take a look at the winner’s blog, Literature and Libation. I see that we both participated in the last Session. We disagree about whether or not there is a beer bubble, but he is a good writer. And he doesn’t take photographs of beers next to open toaster ovens, unused diapers, and counter cleaner, something I am guilty of. My son, though, is finally out of diapers, so those shots will no longer continue.  Still, I now have three new blogs to add to my RSS feed. That, in an age of endless information, is actually a good thing.




3 thoughts on “Not a winner!

  1. Nope, no tshirt here either. Not sure anyone other than me (and maybe my mom) would wear one.

    Thanks for the praise. I’m a writer first, and it just so happens that my chosen medium is beer. I write about other things, too, but beer is generally more fun.

    I’m really glad I found your blog through this contest. I’m planning to attend the event at UK (at the suggestion of Stan Heironymous) so hopefully we can share a pint soon.

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