The Display Shelf

As this session asks: When to drink?

“The Display Shelf: When to Drink the Good Stuff.”

The question is not “when” but “which”? Which good stuff vs when the good stuff. This is an epic battle. Marvel quality. I have no answer. The session, a Web Carnival, gathers the posts around one topic. It’s been awhile since I contributed. But when I drink, I consider the shelf. It is for display, a display I want to show more of. The display is an ego trip, like a Medieval collection of the world’s trinkets: A World’s Fair. Or Citizen Kane. Look at what I have. What have I had lately? Have, had, these are terms of possession. I want to think that I owned these beers in the strictest terms. They were mine. Even if shared. At one point, I will show you both sides of the bottle (the gueuze from Upstream) just so that I can display as much as possible. When I was a kid, I talked my dad into taking me into an attraction at the Dade County Fair. The attraction promised something weird and outrageous. The display: a man in a wheelchair playing with snakes. I was embarrassed for making him pay five dollars for each of us. It was an obvious con.

Still, I don’t shy from display. This display is an obvious ego trip. Look at what I’ve been drinking. I feel like a side show attraction. There is a con here as well. The con is not that I didn’t drink these beers. I did. The con is that there is no pleasure in the ego trip. Maybe looking in. But not in putting the beers on display. I con myself. And yet I continue to be lured in my the promise of the attraction of posting…. my glass proves as such. I never tire of using it.

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